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    What is The Movie Network?

    The Movie Network offers an extensive selection of the latest Hollywood and international hit movies, award-winning independent films and critically acclaimed Showtime® series – all uncut and commercial-free.

    The Movie Network service includes 7 multiplex channels, including 2 channels of classic hit movies on TMN Encore, HBO Canada, The Movie Network OnDemand, TMN Encore OnDemand, and 3 HD channels, which deliver diverse and entertaining programs in an uncut and commercial-free television environment.

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    How much does this all cost?

    Because you will be ordering The Movie Network through your TV provider, prices vary. Please contact your TV provider for more details.

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    Do I have to pay for every movie?

    No. When you subscribe to The Movie Network you pay only one low monthly fee on your bill for all of our great movies and exclusive series, 24 hours a day.

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    How do I subscribe?

    You need to contact your TV provider to sign up for the network. You can also contact us directly at 1-800-565-6684. Please visit our subscribe page for more information.

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    What is HBO Canada?

    HBO Canada is home to the most talked-about premium programs on television – from new and groundbreaking series, films, and documentaries to sports and live entertainment specials – all uncut and commercial-free.

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    Can I just subscribe to HBO Canada without The Movie Network?

    HBO Canada is a multiplex of The Movie Network and as such is always packaged with The Movie Network. You will not be able to subscribe to HBO Canada without also taking The Movie Network. You do not pay extra for HBO Canada.

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    What is TMN Encore?

    TMN Encore brings you a massive library of movies, from family favourites and cult classics to award-winning masterpieces, refreshed every month – all uncut and commercial-free.

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    What is TMN Encore 2?

    TMN Encore 2 is part of the TMN Encore family and offers more of your favourite classics from yesterday and today.

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    What is The Movie Network OnDemand?

    Watch what you want, when you want. The Movie Network offers you an extensive selection of the latest Hollywood and international hit movies, award-winning independent films and critically acclaimed Showtime® series. Free with your subscription to TMN and HBO Canada.

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    How do I know what is on?

    This website contains a complete schedule of what's on The Movie Network.

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    How can I contact The Movie Network, HBO Canada, or TMN Encore?

    If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to reach us by email using the Customer Care Contact Form on the website or toll free at 1-800-565-6684. A Customer Care Representative is available to take your call Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm EST.

    The Movie Network
    299 Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON, M5V 2Z5

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    What is TMN GO?

    TMN GO is a service offered through participating TV providers that gives you instant and unlimited access to The Movie Network, HBO Canada and TMN Encore on your computer, phone, and tablet (iOS, Android, Windows 8.1), Xbox One & Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV or Samsung Smart Hub blu-ray player.

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    How do I find out the availability of a movie or series on The Movie Network OnDemand or TMN GO service?

    All movies and series on TMN include an “Available Until” date. If your TV provider does not include this information on the set top box or their platform, you can always check TMN GO or for this information.